Saturday, September 7, 2013

what home tastes like

Life is one big mess of transition right now: two weeks ago I left my home in Bellingham, last week I slept on a friend's couch while working my last week, two days ago I left my home of four years and yesterday I landed back at my parents', where I'll be for a month or so while preparing to move to Cali. The homebody in me is in a bit of disarray, to say the least. 

But coming home to a back deck full of fixings to make the most glorious sandwich, paired with an icy beer and shared with my best friend and adventure companion, made me feel home again for the first time in weeks. From garden to tummy is the best path, in my opinion.

What tastes like home to you?   


  1. Chipotle haha. And Guacamole. They can solve anything and put me at peace whenever I feel troubled. I don't even have any idea why.

  2. It looks and sounds like home tastes like deliciousness! Mmm. Beer and tomatoes and basil.

  3. Those tomatoes look so fresh! My family grew some for a while, but we didn't keep up with it too well.

    My favorite meal has to be my parents' tacos! With fresh tomatoes, they're absolutely delicious!



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