Thursday, October 17, 2013

real life (?)

Since I'm not working yet, I've spent most of my days in SoCal so far on the beach, watching movies with my sister, and generally exploring the area...suffice to say, I haven't cared much about dressing stylishly (not to mention half of my wardrobe is still in the back of my car). Here's an example of California casual, wet hair and all. These are my favorite summer sneaks, and it makes me so happy that I get to keep wearing a Washington girl born & raised, I'm still trippin' over the fact that it's 80 degrees in the MIDDLE OF OCTOBER. Every morning waking up to sunshine is a miracle to me...maybe I'll miss the Seattle grey someday, but not yet. Even now, it's barely 10am and I have every window and door open--is this real life?


  1. haha girl you are too cute. and i swear california is its own little world, because northern california is so different than southern california, but i love it.


  2. That headband is adorable! Sounds like you're having a great time in Cali so far. I've only visited once during the winter, but even then the weather wasn't too cold. Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather :)


  3. I think your casual look is adorable! I love those shoes. Though I don't think I could live in California because I want cool weather when it's supposed to be cool! Georgia is bad enough! haha

  4. reading this makes me miss the sunshine and warm weather. You look so lovely, and looooove this outfit. x


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