Monday, November 11, 2013

COASTING: Lone Flag in Del Mar, CA

This weekend my sister & I got a chance to check out the launch party of Lone Flag, a sweet new lifestyle shop in Del Mar owned by Kelli Murray and her husband. So fun! The shop has mostly men's pieces--anything from jeans to boots to leather goods and everything in-between--but also a few choice pieces for women and the home (that cord light fixture was one of my favorite pieces). If you are in the area, definitely scope out Lone Flag for Christmas gifts for yo man. The place was packed with terribly stylish people, of course. Seriously, people in California are gorgeous. Something in the water (or sun). A great event and, of course, not complete without a few photobooth shots via AmigoBooth!
Since I'm new to the SD area, I'm on the look out for more events like these, bloggers from here, fun places to hit up, etc! Where my SoCal ladies at?


  1. Looks like you had fun! I find it weirdly refreshing to see a little independent geared aimed towards men, I don't think you get them that often... either that or i'm just too sleepy to think of any!

  2. it seems to be an awesome shop

  3. You're adorable and I've missed you! Welcome to socal haha, it's such a fun place to be! I'm up in the LA area but maybe over the summer we could hang out? That would be awesome! Also, love the jacket and the store seems really cool ^_^



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