Friday, January 17, 2014

do it ya'self: floral wall monograms

Another easy peasy DIY, inspired by Angela & her adorable gallery wall. I did take a few photos of the process, but I was also drinking wine while crafting/ I'll just leave you with the final result. The original post I saw making these letters used hollow cardboard letters and floral foam, but I could not find hollow letters anywhere in California! So I improvised by cutting the letters out of a cardboard box. Which also meant I didn't have to walk alllll the way outside to recycle said box. Booyah.  


fake flowers in your favorite colors (I bought mine at the dollar store)
hot glue gun

Cut your choice of letters out of cardboard--I did mine & my sister's initials, since it's our apartment. Cut the stems off all the flowers, as close to the petals as you can so it's easy to glue. Arrange the flowers how you like on the letters and hot glue them straight on the cardboard. I then filled in any blank spots with the green leaves, and donezo! Use them within a gallery wall to add texture, like Angela did, or with an ampersand to make a statement piece, like me! Enjoy!


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