Saturday, July 19, 2014

life lately, and thoughts on authenticity in social media

Okay, let me get real for a moment: ever have one of those rage dreams where you are yelling at someone, telling them everything you wish you could in real life? They are therapeutic in a way, but also a hard-to-ignore message that you are holding in some truth. I had one of those dreams last night, and part of the conversation was this person saying to me "and we see all your pictures on the internet, you're off living this picture-perfect life..." to which crazy-dream-me replied with plenty of screams and yells about how they had no idea about my life, etc etc. Putting together collages from my instagram always makes me think of this. They always look fun and easy and colorful, which makes me feel like I have to add a disclaimer to the post insisting that there are tough things going on as well. It's a strange tension between wanting to show the little beautiful moments of life as well as desiring to display the hard parts in authenticity. We've all read countless articles and manifestos on the subject, but I'm not sure I'm any closer to figuring out my balance in this regard; or for that matter, any closer to not making assumptions about others based on what they choose to share via social media. So, as I continue to figure this out, here's another disclaimer for this collage of moments: life is hard, but life is good

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  1. I think instagram is just such a wonderful way to celebrate the good in our lives. Just scrolling back through my feed is like a quick movie-flashback of the month's' highlights. I know that in between those photographs or even within them was a moment of pain, but I sort of love that tension. Your snaps always have a lot of soul - they seem joyful rather than simply 'happy'. I love how your blog celebrates what is good and beautiful, NEVER STOP (until you really want to of course) P.S I am determined to get to Cali so we can laugh over iced-coffee and cocktails. This will happen.


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