Monday, January 19, 2015

california green

We've been trying to either hike in the hills or walk around our neighborhood most evenings at dusk, and it's causing me to begrudgingly fall a little bit in love with Los Angeles. Most people teased me when I mentioned moving to Glendale. I heard a lot of "oh, so you're not going to be in LA" and the like, which, as a small town girl, is very much alright with me. I love how quiet the neighborhood is, how every home has its own eclectic architecture and color palette and garden aesthetic. As much as I  miss the evergreens and clear blue water of my northwest home, I'm growing a bit obsessed with all the different hues of California green--from cacti and succulents to the citrus trees and dark ivy covering the buildings and street signs. And at golden hour, they all light up and sing together. Oh, west coast. I'll always love you.

hat: Nordstrom, boots & jacket: Forever 21

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