Friday, January 30, 2015

gold-dipped stools DIY

Now that we have a whole home to put together, and as I'm currently job-searching and am home a lot, the DIY-ing and thrifting are in full swing. And you know I like to dip everything in a little gold. 

Evan got these stools for free from someone moving. They were partly painted--a little blue here, a few white brush strokes there--so I started by putting on a few coats of white paint to make them even, letting them dry overnight in between each coat. Then I simply taped off where I wanted the gold to start, measuring from the ground up on each leg to make sure they were level, and used two coats of gold metallic spray paint, again giving them time to dry between each coat. I love the way they contrast with the wood floors and bring together the gold accents throughout the room. These similar stools at Target were $70 each, but since I already had the stools and white paint, these cost me only $3.98 (the cost of a can of gold spray paint at Home Depot). 

ps: Evan put this table together using an old wooden tabletop and the legs & screws off an Ikea desk, both of which we found for free on Craigslist. Putting together a home on the cheap is proving to be a fun challenge! 


  1. These stools turned out so cute! I, too, enjoy how the gold & white contrasts with the wood floors.

    Jamie |

  2. I love this project! Your framed chalkboard is super cute, too!
    This Side of Paradise


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