Thursday, February 12, 2015

spice up your spritz

I'll take any excuse to open a bottle of champagne. In fact, I'm drinking a glass of Prosecco right now. Because it's Wednesday. And I was thirsty. But Valentine's Day is basically the ideal day to sip champagne: it's light, it's fancy, it's a little bit special and a little bit sexy. You can have a flute by itself, or go with a classic mimosa, or you can dress it up a little bit with a few simple things:

Make it a cocktail: I love champagne cocktails. They're perfectly bubbly and classy, but with an added kick. Add your favorite gin + juice, some fresh citrus, or a fruit liqueur like Chambord (a French black raspberry liqueur), or all of the above, and you have a cocktail that brings the love right out of you. 

Add some fancy ice cubes: Get a little bit of flavor and color slowly, as the ice melts without watering your drink down. For a lovely little surprise, try some fun shapes with your ice cubes--I froze 100% pomegranate juice in a heart-shaped tray and I kind of loved them. You could try orange & lime cubes, or a fruit + mint combination, or even some edible flowers...basically take anything you like, and pour it into an ice cube tray. Voila! 

Add some fruit: Whether fresh or frozen, adding strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, or even frozen grapes is an easy way to add flavor and dimension--and the booze-soaked berries are a bonus when you get to the bottom of the glass. 

Get creative with juices: While I love a classic mimosa with brunch, a Valentine's evening calls for something a little more unusual. I love a dash of pomegranate juice in my champagne, but the possibilities are endless: blood orange, acai, clementine, blueberry, grapefruit...walk down the aisle with your Valentine (or galentine) that morning and challenge yourselves to choose one you've never had before. You might find your new favorite. 

Add fun accessories: From a heart-shaped stirrer to a chalkboard name tag to a "drink me" hanging from the base of the glass, holidays are an excuse to get extra cutesy and a little overboard. So why not?


  1. These photos are fantastic! Everything looks so vivid and summer-y.

  2. Hah, those are so good. Valentine's is all about drinking enough.


  3. You really have an amazing blog. The photos are so professional and well taken! Totally blew me away... <3
    I'm your new follower x
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