Saturday, May 23, 2015

two days in NYC

May has been a whirlwind, a very good month for me; a month full of seeing new sights and familiar faces. The first week I worked like a madwoman, getting all my work scheduled and in order, before flying in to Bellingham, the most dear city in the world to me, and spending a few days in blissful nostalgia. I then met Evan in Seattle where we set off down the coast for a week of camping and adventuring - many, many photos and stories to come from that week. Then I was home for two days, just enough time to wash the campfire off of me and get another week's worth of work done before I set off for NYC for work! I had never been to the city before, and though I don't think I could ever reside there, it was a beautiful two days of walking, seeing clients, eating and eating and eating, wine, coffee, and little sleep. Here are a few iPhone snaps from our time there. We saw as much as we could in our little bits of free time, but I'm already excited to go back and see more! 

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