Friday, June 5, 2015

green, green oregon + blog facelift

Oregon is just so green. I could not stop saying that as we drove through central Oregon, along the Columbia River. Literally, every 100 yards there was another waterfall. I wanted to fill every camping container we had with it, to bring back to the poor dry state of California. How can neighboring states be so very different?

Neither of us had ever driven through central Oregon before, which made for a blissfully stormy, happy drive from Portland to The Dalles. It was shadowy and foggy in the way only the Pacific Northwest is, and we stopped several times. We made lunch out of the back of the Subaru in the parking lot below Multnomah Falls and basked in the outright northwest-ness of it all. I'm so glad we decided to interrupt our coastal route with an excursion to see our friends in Sisters, OR, so we could see all of this. The lush green really did refresh my soul.

By the way, you may have noticed this little blog got a facelift! The design and name haven't matched my style or subject in a long while, so West Coast Whimsy is now nest + venture and is sporting a simpler, cleaner look. the name came from my equal love for staying in and going out, for both seeing the world and curating my own at home. A little adventure, a little nesting--welcome to nest + venture!


  1. VentureNest......Nesteture?................LOL

    You guys belong in the woods, why do you resist? The Earth calls to you and you must obey!!! Anonymous Dad....


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