Sunday, July 12, 2015

waxing sentimental, or where home is, or an introduction

I suppose it's a rite of passage, a strange surge into adulthood, when your parents move from the house, town, and even state you grew up in. Their new city, while filled with your family, the carriers of that real heart-home, isn't yours exactly. Perhaps the town you grew up has been marred in some way, so you won't call that home. Maybe you're like me, and you've made a few small, temporary homes in places you've inhabited since moving from your parents. I've been wondering lately about where home is for me, because LA doesn't quite feel like it and San Diego, while forever one of my favorites places, wasn't quite it either. For me, deep in my soul, my sleepy college town in Washington was, and still feels like, home.

Though I've left and most of my close friends are gone too, passing the university on to the next set of twenty-somethings on their own for the first time, Bellingham holds an intrinsic, essential hold on me. In my time there, everything changed and formed and broke and was put back together in a way that confused and awed me. I guess that's unremarkable; normal happenings in the time between 18 and 22 years, but nevertheless that is home for me, for now.  

I could go on waxing sentimental about that town and it's memories, but I digress. All that to say that I am very happy (in the sappiest of ways, as you can tell) to work with a company that is located, driven, and fully staffed by the beautiful people of Bellingham, Bramble Berry. I actually worked at Bramble Berry for my last summer before moving to San Diego, so getting to play with and photograph these supplies was a nostalgic time, and one I am grateful for! 

Bramble Berry is a huge supply shop with everything you need to make things like soap, candles, body butter, all-natural makeup, essential oils, and on and on. I have these soaps in my kitchen and bathroom and they are oh so soft and also fill the room with the slightest, yummiest scent. From ombre soap to coconut milk or avocado oil soap, I kind of want one of each.  I have a few tutorials coming up with them, including a sumptuous coffee scrub - check back later this week, and visit their site to learn a little more! Oh, and a thanks in advance to Angela for being the best hand model/fellow DIYer a girl could ask for. 

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