Tuesday, December 8, 2015

holidays in los angeles

I'm wrapped up in a blanket next to my first full-size, proper Christmas tree that isn't in my parents' house and feeling very cozy and very happy about this holiday season. It's been an interesting and challenging year in LA, so it feels very important and worthwhile to make the holidays here peaceful and joyful. So far, so good. Thanksgiving was a Friendsgiving, with six friends from Washington gathering around a table in California. Angela helped me cook and decorate all day, making all of my favorite recipes my mom made growing up while drinking mimosas and piling up the dishes, and everything turned out kind of perfect. I was a very happy hostess. 

PS: a little craft paper, a DIY Craigslist table, some pinecones gathered from our last trip to the mountains, and some tapestry candles made for a sweet winter tablescape  with just enough room for plates full of food and a few wine glasses per person. 

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