Wednesday, August 28, 2013

west coast wears: urban easy

One of the reasons the last year was difficult for me in terms of blogging is that I was unsure of my own style. I felt pressure (only put on from myself, of course) to wear "blogger" pieces (high-waisted midi skirts, moccasins, printed leggings, all-vintage-everything, you know what I mean) and while I do love those looks on others, they aren't my go-to pieces. And when I finally stopped trying to have a blogger look, my style got a bit lost. Slowly, I'm finding it again now. 

I've found that I love simpler, basic pieces (like this black blouse and these sage jeans) that can be worn with some flair (like gold jewelry or wedges) to make a complete look. This comes so much more naturally to me than trying to piece together a look with several pieces, i.e. skirt, shirt, vest, belt, tights, and on and on. An outfit like this is so simple, but so easy. Which I'm finding I love more & more! 
Wearing things because I feel great in them and not because they happen to be trending is just another part of me being wholly myself, whoever that turns out to be. Such a simple concept, with such complex implications. I'm excited to explore my style with more west coast wears features!

blouse, jeans & jewelry: forever 21 / wedges: Old Navy


  1. I absolutely love the jewelry you're wearing! I love that you aren't wearing the "blogger style." It's always refreshing to see something new and different! Also: your hair is probably the prettiest thing ever.

  2. i love everything about this outfit.
    i definitely understand the struggle with personal style.
    but in the end i realized i like what i like, and often times its not the trends


  3. Pretty! I totally hear you about the "blogger style" thing. There is a reason I could not solely be a fashion blogger...wearing outfits worthy of a blog post everyday sounds exhausting, haha.

  4. totally. love this look on you! and that shirt, my gosh!


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