Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY: paper cone christmas trees

We're not getting a tree in our little apartment this year, so I've been doing basically every other little crafty thing to make it look Christmas-y. And things that use glitter are a plus, obviously. So I made these paper cone christmas treees to bring some cheer to our bookshelf, which are the easiest thing in the world: roll up + hot glue square pieces of any paper into a cone, trim off the excess, add teeny-tiny accessories, et voila!  
And, just to add a bit more glitter, I had to make another banner out of these letters I picked up a few weeks ago at Pigment, my new favorite store in San Diego. If you can think of any other possible way for me to add glitter or gold to this set....let a sista know. 


  1. the cuteness! great ideas. wish i had done this instead - the kitties have a hunger for pine needles!

  2. well these are wonderful. and those little glitter letters, oh my gosh!


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