Tuesday, December 17, 2013

little Christmas bits.

just a few more bits & pieces of Christmas around our little apartment. the cute jars were thrifted and their contents were found on a sunset walk with my sister, along with the giant pinecone which was the ONLY one in the whole park. kind of suspicious, I think, but I grabbed it anyway. We took gingersnaps & scotch shortbread cookies to our neighbors to say hello, but kept a few for ourselves because, duh. those precious stockings were a gift from our sister Katie, and I'm obsessed with them! 8 days, people. but more importantly, only 6 until my golden birthday. so far, I've nailed down brunch plans for the day...which is the most important part, anyway. 


  1. I love the little jars!!! So simple, but so GENIUS! I have a bit of a plant obsession so I might have to recreate :))


  2. ahh, i love these! that little santa/gnome candle is adorable.


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