Sunday, December 29, 2013

birthday grams

Every year, I have a big birthday + Christmas party with a huge group of family and friends. It's just that thing that really marks the season and brings so many people I love together. This year, being in a new city and far away from all those people, I knew it would be different--and at first, that really freaked me out. I missed my friends and family, missed the tradition and, if I'm being honest, the hooplah of it all. 

But if this move is teaching me anything, it's that different doesn't mean bad. In fact, in most cases, change brings something much better, once you get past the strangeness of it all. And so, I had a very different, very fun, very California birthday that included a very fancy dinner, paddle boarding for the first time, ice skating after a pitcher of mimosas (read: dangerous), time with my handsome boyfriend, Superman, desserts on desserts, sushi, shopping, laying on the beach....keep in mind this was all over a few days, if you're keeping count on the meals. My sisters and boyfriend made me feel very special and, though I missed my friends, calls and texts from home made me so happy. So there, self: don't be a baby. Change is good. And so are birthdays. 


  1. you cuties! i love all these perfect pictures. glad you had a good time!

  2. change is good (yes!) but hard (yes!!). good for you for embracing the new birthday celebrating. looks like a fun time. how was paddle boarding? i definitely want to try sometime!

  3. Look like an awesome birthday! I'm so glad you embraced the change and ended up still have a great time, that takes a lot of courage.



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