Wednesday, February 5, 2014

3 ways to spice up home decor you already have

Coming to California with only what fit in our cars means that we started out with very few pieces to decorate with. Slowly but surely, we're making this apartment a home, and most of that has meant crafting and thrifting one-of-a-kind things that we love. Here are three things you can do to spice up & re-do home decor pieces you already have (or can easily thrift) to make them like new!

1. Throw some chalkboard paper in it. 
This was originally a mirror that got dropped recently (not to name any names, but...MOM!) but the frame was too beautiful to get rid of it. So I ordered some chalkboard contact paper to fill it with--it's self-adhesive, so I just stuck it to the original cardboard backing and voila! I've decided it will be a weekly rotating Beyonce lyric chalkboard...more on that later.

2. Throw some gold on it. 
Gold spray paint is my new favorite thing. I bought this elephant for $1 at Michael's & the cute little deer was in a care package from home--both were originally grey, but a little coat of paint makes them perfect little buddies for this white & gold themed display. 

3. Throw some gold AND floral on it. 
These frames were originally a powder blue, and I scored them for free at a garage sale. I simply tacked scrapbook paper to the backs & used gold adhesive letters to make some sassy phrases. Overly girly and slightly sassy has kind of become our theme--sorry not sorry? I don't think I'll ever grow up.

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