Tuesday, April 15, 2014

another instance where I use gold spray paint & call it a DIY

Okay, after this little project, I'm officially out of gold spray paint. So either I take another trip to Michael's, or I have to get more creative with my arts & crafts. But I just love tiny gold things...

My love and I collected these beach remnants on his last trip to San Diego. We spent the afternoon at my favorite beach, in our own little cove, and he found a spot where the waves washed in hundreds of ocean pieces against the rocks. We brought home our favorites (I've officially gotten used sand in my purse, my car, my phone, and my books) and I added just enough shimmer to add some whimsy. Because decorating your home with memories of days spent with someone you love can only bring more joy to your shelves, your eyes, your soul. Bring the ocean in. 

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  1. Oh my gosh! I need to do this! I just moved to the beach and my sister and I are starting a seashell/ sea glass/ shark tooth collection. This would just be so great to display them like this and add a few gold ones!


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