Monday, April 21, 2014

hi, Monday.

It's Monday. And while that happens to be my day off, for most of you it's probably a day where you have to wake up, put real clothes on, and be an all-around adult. And I encourage you to do so...but toss some whimsy in there. Wear ridiculous, heart-shaped sunglasses with that sensible pencil skirt. Buy a donut, with extra sprinkles. Blast Beyonce on your way to work and move that booty in your seat. Steal a bouquet from the cherry blossoms among the trees in your parking lot. Kick ass at whatever Monday means for you and never give in to the absurdity that growing up means growing dull. Own Monday. xo!

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  1. This such a lovely post! I think I should print these words for all the Mondays to come!

    Georgia | BeautyInsideArt


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