Wednesday, April 30, 2014

creative friends: Angela of Garden and Sea

You know how some people just have creativity basically coming out of their eyeballs? That's Angela. She runs East Magnolia Vintage with me, she blogs, she crafts, she freelances, she writes, and if you didn't know yet--she runs a sweet crochet business, too. Over the years of our friendship we've had a chance to do some fun photography for garden and sea, and I was happy to continue the tradition with these perfectly slouchy beanies that she custom-made for us at the bf's request. 

These aren't available in shop (yet), but there are tons of other crochet goodies, and I heard a rumor that she's already gearing up for the fall rush of scarves, earwarmers, and more--and may even add some of these, too. We had fun shooting these, and it was our first time playing with Evan's light kit in our own little pop-up the middle of the night, with breaks for carrot cake. Because that's when inspiration usually strikes, right? Thanks for the hats, Ang! xo.

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