Friday, January 2, 2015

bonjour, 2015.

This new year comes with a whole bunch of big changes. 
I officially live in LA now! Which means a lot of things. Number one, I'm no longer a few hours away from my love. Which, in addition to making us both very happy, means we have that much more time to work together creatively--which means better photos, more often. Better adventures, more often. A whole house to decorate and DIY the stuffing out of. A yard to get party ready.  New recipes to try. New thrift shops to scout. A whole huge new city to find our favorite places in. New creatives to collaborate with. A new job to find--one that feeds my soul and grows my skills. 

I'm pretty excited. And real nervous. And ready


  1. Happy New Year!! I hope your 2015 is amazing!

    Jamie |

  2. This is SO exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing what this season brings for both of you creatively. You both have a REAL gift. Happy 2015 my dear!


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