Saturday, February 28, 2015

diy macrame planters

Though it's quite rare, every once in a while we get lucky and the skies of LA all of the sudden crack and release what seems like months of rain, all at once. After a week of particularly hazy, smoggy weather, this was so welcome last Sunday. It poured and poured all afternoon, which made it the perfect date for two girls from the Northwest to brew a pot of coffee, bake some warm, buttery biscuits, and sit on the floor together, creating. 

Angela and I used to get to do this all the time, when we were college roommates, but now we live with boys and do adult things most days. This cozy, girly afternoon was just what was needed before the return to the work week. These DIY macrame planters were (fairly) easy, after a few rounds of frustrated laughing through various tutorials until we finally got it. We plucked the succulents from my front yard, which is another thing I love about California...succulents are everywhere. Since tutorial writing admittedly isn't one of my strong suits, see Angela's explanation at if found, make for the full process! 

p.s. remember these goddess photos of Angela? this needs to happen again, asap. 

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