Sunday, August 23, 2015

lavender dreams

I'm becoming my mother and I don't care who knows it.

My mom loves lavender. Growing up, our yard always had a huge lavender plant in front, warming in the sun and housing hundreds of bumblebees. She was always drying tiny purple bouquets in the kitchen window, gathering the petals and scooping them into little bags to hide in drawers or on shelves. A few months ago, she thrifted some hiking boots for me and when I got them in the mail, I stuck my hand inside the boot to find one of these little bags of purple fragrance.

That being said, I wasn't very fond of the scent as a kid. Too soapy, I thought. I never understood why my mom and others liked it so much. But then, as all things tend to go, I grew up and became my mother and realized the appeal of this little violet floral. I bought my first lavender plant a few months ago and loved watching the stalks appear and flower - every day I would point out the new blooms to Evan, who lovingly pretended to care every time (thanks, boo). 

The next step was to hop on the Essential Oil craze that I keep hearing so much about. This Hungarian Lavender Essential Oil is wonderful - a bit lighter and more green than the usual scent, and perfect for so many uses. I'm still learning about essential oils, but lavender EO can be used for anything from calming & sleep aid to bath oils to minor cuts & burns and on and on. I've also seen recipes for Lavender Lemonade with a few drops of essential oil, which sounds kind of amazing. Have tips or ideas for using this little cure-all? Leave a comment or send me a link!

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