Sunday, August 9, 2015

photographing the little things

I used to bring my camera everywhere. In college especially, after getting my first little DSLR, my camera was always in my bag or hanging on my shoulder whether I was at a house party or in a park. Somewhere along the way I stopped doing that, choosing to bring the real camera only on roadtrips or adventures or big events. I've felt stifled creatively lately, feeling envious of other people's images; jealous that I don't have anything to photograph. Which is just kind of stupid. I realized that, though it may feel like a hassle, bringing your camera on silly, day-to-day trips is the only way to stay in practice and stay creative. So, my new goal is to get back to photographing life in the small ways - like Sunday trips to the market. Life's good


  1. LOVE these photos! It's a good reminder to just bring that camera along!

  2. flowers make me happy too :)


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