Sunday, June 29, 2014

e x p l o r e : secret sea caves

One thing (of many) my boyfriend is really good at is finding new adventure spots that few people know about. Even when it's in my city and it's my turn to find the adventure--he's just so much better at it. Last weekend we raced against the incoming tide to explore this hidden sea cave in Point Loma, and the view was more than worth the wet shoes and (my) fear of the unstable cliffs high above us. There's something beautifully mystical about places where you can only be when the tide is low; it's as if nature is allowing us to see only her beauty but only when she says we may. Just another reminder that man doesn't control the earth, we just live among it. 

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  1. Wow, these are so dreamy!

    Low tide hidden treasures are my favourite too. I once went to a bay and danced on the shore with my boyfriend and then a week later we returned and it was gone, hidden by the high tide. It was a strange feeling knowing we danced upon the hidden depths of the ocean. So surreal


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