Tuesday, June 24, 2014

s i p p i n ' : mango mojitos

I love Sundays. They are the start to my weekend and I like them best lazy, sun-drenched, and with good food and drinks--and they are even better when Evan is here to spend them with me. I get about two Sundays a month with him, and we savor them! This Sunday being the USA world cup game, we knew we'd spend our afternoon watching, but not before a few hours spent splashing at the beach and a stop at the store for fresh fruit to drink and use to cheers when our guys scored. He had the idea for mango mojitos, and I happily obliged, excited to take from the mint plant I potted this week. These are perfect for a post-beach relaxed evening! 

Most recipes call for a mango puree, but being without a blender, I simply muddled them with the mint. They get fruitier as you drink! This recipe makes two cocktails, but we continued to refresh our drinks with extra materials as they emptied...cheers!

1 ripe mango
several sprigs of fresh mint leaves
sugar or simple syrup, to taste
2 limes
light rum (we just used bacardi)
soda water

Remove pit and slice mangos into small chunks. Place half of the amount in each glass, along with several mint leaves. To help the muddling, I added a splash of rum and a small spoonful of sugar to each glass. Muddle ingredients, then squeeze lime juice over top (do this to taste, I love lime so I ended up with one small lime's worth of juice in each). Pour in a shot (or two) of rum, top with soda water, add a mango garnish, clink your glasses together & enjoy! 


  1. Yum, these look and sound great! I went through a serious mango phase one year (I even bought a mango slicer!), but haven't had one in such a long time. What better way than in a mojito? :)

  2. whoaaa... this look yum! and doable for me to make.


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