Tuesday, June 17, 2014

the watering hole

Here are the rest of the photos from our adventure with Indy Brand. It isn't an adventure unless something goes wrong, yeah? Like when two Pacific Northwestern-ers trek through a park named for its creek, walking in the hot sun much further than they ought without sunscreen and water, only to finally get to the creek and find it completely and utterly bone dry? Yeah, we kinda forgot that California is in a drought. You can't imagine the sad, pathetic looks on our faces when we came upon that dry stream bed--we are still used to to western Washington, where there is a body of water on every corner. And oh, we were hot. But, we kept hiking and found this little watering hole where kids were wading, teenagers were drinking cheap beer, and we got to cool down. We learned some lessons for the next adventure, missed the PNW just a teensy bit, and had so much fun photographing these tees--livin' the dream is right. All part of the story, all part of exploring with my love.


  1. sounds like an adventure alright!! i absolutely love these tees, and these pictures! wow!

  2. What a beautiful area, glad you found a watering hole! And absolutely dying over the photos!

  3. What a beautiful day and photoshoot =)


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