Thursday, January 15, 2015

my perf day

I think we've officially acclimated to California. 
To continue our tradition of taking a New Years Day adventure, and to search for snow after a few days of blessed rain, we headed up highway 2 until we found our own little winter oasis. And we were so happy. And so cold. We may have gotten a little bit soft in this gorgeous LA climate of ours. Thankfully we had our new blanket from Give Perf, a thoughtful Christmas gift from Evan's sister, which I kept around me at all times. We've been eyeing these blankets on instagram for a while now, and I now cuddle up in it every evening to read or Netflix. We love that they give 15% of profits to charity, too. There's nothing better than a company that considers bettering the world around us to be an integral part of doing business. Except maybe these mountain roads.  

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  1. Ah, I always love your pictures! They're so beautiful!


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