Friday, October 10, 2014

two years coasting // c r a t e r l a k e

i lost count of the moments during our trip where we turned a corner and i breathed "woah". honestly, it is at least a hundred. so many of our stops were places that we'd seen photos of, researched, heard all about; yet they still surprised us again and again with their beauty and intensity. crater lake was one of those places. 

we added several hours to our first day by driving east to see crater lake, and as i realized how late we would be arriving to our first camping spot, i hoped it would be worth it. we drove up winding mountain roads, craning our necks for the first look of the famed lake, and were breathless when it finally came into view. evan immediately pulled over and we jumped out into the coldest air we've felt in over a year (we've definitely acclimated to southern california "winters") to stare at the insanely still, blue, deep waters. after living in a state of drought for a year, we couldn't get enough. not 10 minutes later, we watched the clouds roll in and were suddenly inside their fog, and a cold mountain rain came down on us. even that was beautiful. so very worth it.

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