Monday, October 13, 2014

two years coasting // on a monday

this was my monday morning, two weeks ago today. we had driven into the redwoods late at night, in total awe of the dark, mysterious giants in the forest. we set up the tent in the beams of my headlights and went to sleep to the sound of raindrops making their way through the canopy of trees. i could not wait to wake up and see everything in the light--unzipping the tent to look outside felt like opening your bedroom door to see the Christmas tree with presents underneath. we made coffee on the fire and couldn't stop looking up to see how far the branches reached into the skies. everything was wet and dark and gorgeous. 

if i can make a life where monday mornings can be like this, i'll be living my dream. 


  1. Oh my gracious. This is beautiful! Your photos are stunning, and you're right- this looks like the best Monday morning ever.
    So pretty!

  2. I love camping, especially in Washington. These pictures are gorgeous and bring back so many good memories for me!


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